At-Home Hair Threading.

I am sure you have heard about hair threading by now. The technique uses a tightly looped piece of thread that gently glides on the surface of the skin while pulling hair of all lengths from the roots. Women throughout India, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and other Eastern cultures have practiced this tradition for thousands of years.

I have never had my brows or facial hairs threaded, but am completely intrigued. Even more so now that I just found this at-home Threader for us do-it-yourself beauty gals. Sun | Maita’s Threader Kit is the first home threading system that precisely replicates the ancient art of threading – using actual, organic cotton blended threads.

The contains the actual Threader; Feel Less Lotion, to help alleviate any discomfort associated with threading; Closer Lotion to help to soothe the skin afterward, Chalk, which makes even the most faint and fair hairs visible; Thread Frames and instructions.

I am willing o try my hand at the kit, which sells online for $150. I am wondering how many of you thread and if you think that at-home threading would even be a possibility. Please let me know in the comments.