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Skindinavia Makeup Finishes.

Do you ever look in the mirror a few hours after applying your makeup to only wonder where it has gone? I do, especially when I am spending time outside.

Now, I know that some people can not wear makeup primers. While I am huge advocate for them, I realize it is not a possibility, and sometimes time does not allow for that extra step of prep. Imagine, misting your face after apply your makeup to get the same result. Well, an almost better result? It is possible, with Skindinavia.

Skindinavia only does makeup finishes. Yes - that is all they do. They have put a lot of time, research and development into making these finishes work, and for many different types of skin and necessity. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is. They have done the work, all you have to do is find the right makeup finishing product and mist over your face, and voila. Your makeup will withstand the test of time and then some.

What is a makeup finish?
A near weightless, breathable, over makeup mist that keeps makeup perfectly applied up to 16 hours.

Why do I need a makeup finish?
Makeup looks great just after it’s applied, and then it immediately starts to crease, clump, slide, get shiny, or dry out. Everything from subtle facial movements to hot sun or dry cold causes makeup to break down throughout the day. Our mists greatly slow the process holding a freshly applied look.


You will not believe how amazing these are, until you try one for yourself. I am addicted to the 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish. Does it really make me look 10 years younger? No. But it keeps my makeup from settling into my lines as the day rolls on. It keeps my skin from becoming dulled down as the day goes on and my makeup looks fresh and just applied all day. Really! After misting 2 or 3 mists of this finish, my face glows, but not in a sparkly or over the top way. It gives me a glow that I had 10 years ago, and that is the genius about it.

Skindinavia makes an assortment of finishes, which include the following:

Makeup Finishing Spray - This is an all purpose finishing spray for normal, fry or combination skins. This was their first product and it holds liquid foundation perfectly up to 16 hours.

Mineral Makeup Finish - This one is for all skin types, and is meant to be used over mineral powder foundations.  It helps to control the drying, settling and shine, that is often experienced by mineral makeup users.

10 Years Younger Makeup Finish - For ages over 30, this anti-aging finish helps makeup glow while keeping it out of the fine lines and wrinkles.

No More Shine Makeup Finish - For those who have combination or oily skin, this finish helps absorbs excess oil and keeps it looking fresh, never oily.

Cool Flash Makeup Finish - For all skin types in high heat conditions. This finish helps makeup resist sweat or melting, while helping it last throughout the day.

Bridal Makeup Finish - Formulated for wedding or photography, this finish sets makeup texture to look more even in photographs.

Jet Set Makeup Finish - For normal, dry or combination skins, this finish helps to keep skin hydrated and glowing. It is especially useful while traveling. Spritz this mist on every hour when flying to keep the glow.

Dance! Makeup Finish - Another one for normal, dry or combination skins, this finish hold makeup in place for heavy duty wear.

The finishes range from $19 - $39, depending on the size. All Skindinavia Makeup Finishes are available online through their website or

If you are a fan, please let me know which finish you use.