The BEST Serum I Have Ever Used: Orlane Super-Moisturizing Serum.

Really, this is the most amazing serum I have ever used. Yes, really. My title is not to be taken lightly. This is the best serum I have ever used. Orlane Super-Moisturizing Serum has earned holy grail status in my life, and I have only just begun to use it.

The serum is more like a lightweight lotion, that absorbs into my skin, immediately making it more plump. My lines appear less as they soak in the hydration. My skin immediately feels soft and full of moisture. I cannot tell you the difference it makes. I use it right after I apply my eye cream and before my daily moisturizer, though it almost feels like I do not even need it.

The wonder of this serum is in how it works with hyaluronic acid and in three ways, as it works into each layer of the skin.

Based on the latest research on hyaluronic acid, this serum activates the key moisture receptor, CD44, for the very first time. To trap water like a sponge, hyaluronic acid must bind this membrane receptor, which is located on the surface of keratinocytes.

Super Moisturizing Serum provides intense hydration in three synergistic steps:
• Increases the number of CD44 receptors necessary for capturing and redistributing water—skin is replenished and its natural self-moisturizing mechanisms are restored.
• Fosters natural hyaluronic acid productions, which slows down as we age—skin becomes smoother.
• Optimizes the availability of water by encouraging aquaporins, which are channels that conduct water to the epidermis—skin is immersed in a moisture bath.

Super-Moisturzing Serum* is not cheap. 1 oz. is $190, but oh so well worth it. Seeing as one pump dispenses enough to cover my entire face, neck and part of my decolletage, I am guessing it will last a good while. If you are concerned about the price, use it just for daytime, which is what I am doing, so I can make the bottle last as long as it can.

To see for yourself just how amazing this serum is, visit an Orlane counter and rub a small amount into one hand and not the other. Wait a minute or two and you will notice the difference and be sold.

You can shop for Orlane Super-Moisturizing Serum at fine department stores such as Saks, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus.

*I received a press sample of this product.