Victoria's Secret Body Enters the Organic Beauty Market with PINK Body.

Victoria’s Secret traveled around the country speaking to hundreds of girls to figure out what was most important in their lifestyles. And the answer – to be green, and more importantly, to empower others to adopt this trend. So, Victoria's Secret is introducing an all new collection that is all about finding ways to look good, feel good, and do a little good, too.

Out today, PINK Body is this new organic, 100% vegan, eco-friendly collection, which is sure to be a hit. The packaging is even made from Post Consumer Recycled materials, with limited inks and dyes that go directly on the packaging and created removable labels.

PINK Body covers all the bases so there’s something for everyone.


The line consists of 4 collections: Energizing, Nourishing, Soothing and a line of Essentials. There are lotions, body washes, lip butters, sugar scrub, foot cream, hand cream and more.


The Energizing line is like a wake up call for your skin, packed with organic citrus and mint.

The Nourishing line leaves skin feeling super soft and moisturized with organic Shea butter minus the greasy feel.


The Soothing line is Hypoallergenic and infused with organic soy milk and oat extract, so it’s great for extra sensitive skin.

Check it out on or at your nearest store.