Oh No! What Happened? Not Looking so Great at the Oscar's.

What happened here? I have three looks that made me say, hmmm.

First, I need to say - or scream: Make her stop! Lisa Rinna has a rockin' bod and really is very striking. But she has just injected too much (of what - I don't know!) into her face, cheeks and lips. And her hair? Did they forget to brush out the curls???

81st Annual Academy Awards � Arrivals

Next up is Jessica Biel. She is so beautiful, but her makeup and hair just didn't seem as put together as it could have been. And that dress. Did she spill something and she is trying to hide the stain? Or, perhaps she is hiding a little bun in the oven.

81st Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Finally, Miss SJP. Sarah Jessica Parker. I love it all, really I do. But every time she moved "the girls" came a spilling out just a little bit more. Could she not have found something that fit just a bit better?

81st Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

What did you think?