Bliss’ Peeling Groovy.

Bliss is reinventing the peel with this new Peeling Groovy.

Most serums and peels contains AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids) that tend to irritate and cause redness. Many with sensitive skin cannot even tolerate them. This is why this serum is different. By using moisture-magnetizing AAE's (amino acid exfoliators) instead of irritating AHA's, the results are just as fantastic - and maybe even better than a lot of the less concentrated AHA's that I have used.


I love using this at night after cleansing and I am already noticing a decrease in the darkness of my hyperpigmentation. Not only that, my skin feels moisturized before even finishing off with my night cream - which I still use, though.

Peeling Groovy:

simultaneously perfects skin’s texture, lightens dark spots (from sun, breakouts or other complexion-related mishaps) and lessens the look of lines and large pores.

Peeling Groovy is available at Bliss Spas and for $65.