Ojon's Tunu Elastik Hair Smoothing Cleanser & Conditioner.

Whether it is those darn fly-aways you get in the winter or out of control frizzies you get in the summer, this duo from Ojon will help get your tresses back in order. Smoothed out and shiny too. Meet Ojon'sTunu Elastic Hair Smoothing Cleanser & Conditioner .

You see, this hair care system is enhanced with wildcrafted Tunu and Swa extracts, to gently smooth straight, naturally curly or permed hair without chemical action.

Besides smelling so wonderful, I cannot express how well these smooth out my hair. I suffer from frizzies in both the winter and summer, which of course are worse in the summer, but right now I am reaping the benefits even in the dry heat. I cannot wait to test it in the summer as well.

So, how does this non-chemical system work? Well, Tunu is a wildcrafted natural latex that is skillfully extracted from the bark of the Tunu rubber tree in the Mosquitia rainforest. It has been known in the rainforest by women for its unique ability to provide a strong, flexible, cohesive moisture barrier, especially when used in the hair. Along with Crambe Seed Oil, and Swa oil extract to help add a soft flexible bounce to unruly hair this amino acid rich and Omega fatty acids join together to help naturally deliver “the hair back into hair.” Finally, all of these ingredients are blended with wildcrafted Ojon oil which helps to hydrate, strengthen and restore dry, damaged or processed hair. The end result? Like I said, the smoothest and shiniest of hair.

Like all of the Ojon products, Tunu Elastik Hair Smoothing Cleanser and Conditioner are formulated without sulfates, silicone or artificial color.

The cleanser sells for $28 while the conditioner is $26 at Sephora.com and QVC.com.

Let me know if you have tried these beauties and what you thought.