Crest’s Get Bright Challenge: Week 3.

I am back with another update in the Crest's Get Bright Challenge.

I have used the brand new Crest White Strips Advanced Seal a total of 10 times since I first started the Get Bright Challenge, which makes it just 4 times in the last week. I went out of town for 3 days and forgot to pack  the strips, but this was my fault. They are so small and come in individual little packets that make them a cinch to pack - they just were not on my mind when packing. Though, I have really noticed a big difference in the whitening in the past few uses.

I must note, that it is very hard to take a picture of my teeth. I have been using the same camera and in the same light, well - at least I think it is the same, for each of these pictures. Though I can see the differences in my skin tone,  I think that the pictures are pretty consistent. I am definitely getting better at taking close-ups, anyway. So, I really don't know how much of an improvement you can not from these images, but trust me... there is a difference in how much whiter my teeth are.

Again, I need to say just how convenient these strips are to use. With each application, I get better at getting them into and out of my mouth easier. They almost feel like they "suction" to my teeth as I lay them on. This is especially true with my top teeth. With other strips that I have used, I have had the worst time getting the strip to actually stay put. This is so not a problem with the Advanced Seal White Strips. They stay put, right where I place them.

While wearing these white strips, I have no trouble talking, and no one can tell I am wearing them. I find that I do not have to try and hold them in place while I speak. It all just comes naturally, like having barely anything there. This again, gets better with each use, as you adjust to how the gel feels.

Also this week, I even tried to drink a bit of my bottled water with them on. This is not normally something I would do, but as the advertisements say that you can drink with these white strips on, I thought I should actually put that claim to the test. The strips didn't move at all. So using them while you have a drink passed that test, for sure. I must say that I probably wouldn't do this again as I did sense a bit of the "whitening gel taste", but it is a nice option to have - just in case you really need that drink of water.

I have seen these for sale at Target and CVS already now, so I am pretty sure they are available at most drugstores and mass merchandisers by now. Have any of you tired the Crest Advanced Seal White Strips yet? If you did, do you like them? Do you like them better than other white strips you have tried? Do let me know in the comments. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on using them too.

Stay tuned for another update next week. I will probably finish up my box by then and do a side by side comparison of the first and final week to see the real difference.