Spring has Sprung!

I was so excited to see these little flowers peeking up through the mulch yesterday. It was so appropriate as it was the first day of Spring! I could not be more excited. I am longing for the longer days and tons of sunshine. The warmer weather is definitely welcome too.

I have told you about many of the new Spring collections. There are some I still have yet to feature - but I will be and soon. Promise. Maybe now is the time to go back and check out the latest for Spring that I have featured recently.

CHANEL Spring 2009 Collection - Bohemian Fantasy.

Bobbi Brights Collection.

I Want Fuchsia Now!

Clinique Spring Collection 2009: First Blush.

Lancôme Spring 2009: Pink Irreverence.

Bobbi Brown Blushed Pink Collection.

Prescriptives In Bloom Spring Color Collection 2009.

Essie Spring 2009 Color Collection.

The Platinum Collection from Bobbi Brown.

MAC Sugarsweet - The Ultimate in Sweetness for Spring.