3 Great Ways to Say Goodbye to the Gray's.

If you are lucky enough to have not yet had to worry about pesky gray hairs showing up, count yourself blessed. At some time or another, almost all of us will start seeing them. One, two, ten - hundreds. Ugh - it is a fact of hair life. The grays - and gosh are they stubborn.

Check out my 3 great ways that I say goodbye to my grays.


  1. Wash Out Hair Color
    ColorMark is true temporary liquid hair color for touching up gray roots. This is not like a faux-mascara or crayon. This is hair color that washes out when you shampoo. You apply a bit to your gray and comb it through for the most natural look. I use this on my temples or on pesky grays that I see when I pull my hair back or put it up. This temporary wonder comes in 12 easy to match shades.
  2. Semi-Permanent Hair Color
    Clairol's Natural Instincts is a temporary or semi-permanent hair color that lasts up to 28 shampoos. This is a gentle, ammonia free color that quickly and gently - yet effectively cover grays. This method is great to use in between permanent touch-ups, whether at the salon or home. Natural Instincts boasts a full range of 44 shades, making finding your match easy. The fact that it takes a few minutes to apply (which you do to damp hair) and ten minutes to develop, makes this more than easy.
  3. Permanent Hair Color
    Excellence to-Go is a new product from L'Oreal that will permanently color hair and cover even the most hard to cover gray hairs - in just ten minutes. This hair color has a new technology that accelerates the coloring process, so the entire color develops in just ten minutes. There is enough formula in the bottle for more than the grays too, from root touch ups to all over color. Another cool thing about Excellence to-Go is that is has a lower ammonia content so it smells better and is better for you hair in the long run - though with very good gray coverage and permanent hair color results. There are 13 shades in the line up that range from the lightest of blonde to very black.

I use each of these new products and love them all pretty much equally. You will see that each one serves it's own purpose, and I swear by all of these gray hiding methods and I use them all when needed.