Almost Instant Aromatherapy Relief!

Bath & Body Works has a great line of Aromatherapy products and I just put one to the test.

Instant Aromatherapy Headache Relief is made up of Peppermint and Geranium essential oils. Though, I like to think that this little vial contains a magical elixir that helped get rid of my hormonal headache in no time.

Studies have shown Peppermint essential oil has tension-relieving effects that can ease headaches while the Geranium essential oil is known to soothe and help you relax.


All I did was take my Motrin than rolled this on for relief. I relaxed in bed for about 20 minutes and my headache was gone. Usually, I would need longer to recover, but using this Aromatherapy wonder certainly helped get rid of it faster.

$10 is a small price to pay for this Headache Relief.