Protect Yourself from the Swine Flu with Anti-Bacterial Soaps!

Who isn't afraid of the health news today?

The Swine Flu (or H1N1 Virus) has gotten the world un-nerved. The one thing I keep hearing from experts is the importance of hand washing. I cannot preach it enough to my children (especially the two youngest who are home from school with colds, just to be cautious). We use anti-bacterial soap and I have told them to wash up to their elbows and to continue to wash for about 30 seconds, or to the tune of Happy Birthday sung twice, multiple times a day.

There are plenty of great anti-bacterial soaps on the market, but I tend to purchase mine from one of my favorite beauty stops, Bath & Body Works. You have seen their walls of anti-bacterial products, haven't you? In fact they call it their Anti-bacterial Collection.

The Bath & Body Works Anti-bacterial Collection includes Foaming Soaps, Deep Cleansing Soaps, PocketBac Gels, Moisturizing Soaps, Moisturizing Lotions, Sanitizing Wipes, and Foaming Sanitizer. With over 20 scents, the products in the collection effectively cleanses and kills germs without the typical alcohol-heavy scent.

So, as we are doing our best in taking precautions against the Swine Flu, it is important to note that the CDC recommends (what I do as I mentioned above) to wash hands regularly and to sanitize hands regularly throughout the day as well.

My specific recommendations, from the B & BW Anti-bacterial collection:

Wash Hands Regularly

Use Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Soap. Made with Vitamin B5 and E to nourish skin and Triclosan to kill germs, this deep cleaner utilizes cleansing beads to gently exfoliate and leave skin lightly scented. $4.50

Sanitize Hands Throughout The Day

Use PocketBac in Unscented, Sweet Pea or Dancing Waters. This travel-sized hand sanitizer contains natural ingredients and powerful germ killers to keep hands clean, wherever you go. $1.50

Shop online at or at your local store.