The NEW Rouge Unlimited Pink Collection from Shu Uemura.

Can it get any prettier than Pink? Being that pink is my favorite color - always has been - I am so excited to see this new Rouge Unlimited Pink Collection from Shu Uemura. With a new patented technology, this is pink like no other.

As the leader in color and science, shu uemura breaks the boundaries of conventional color with Rouge Unlimited’s Pink Collection, a series of lipsticks and glosses made with a Pink Hybrid Pigment, one of the purest pink pigments ever discovered and patented by the cult Japanese beauty company. Thanks to
this breakthrough, this lip collection boasts the most vibrant hues available, creating new and unique shades of pink never seen before.

The collection boats 9 shades of Rouge Unlimited Lipstick and 5 shades of Gloss Unlimited.

Rouge Unlimited Lipstick - $23

  • PK312 - Soft Peachy Pink
  • PK316 - Warm Rosy Pink
  • PK321 - Soft Pale Pink
  • PK322 - Sheer Pink Beige
  • PK323 - Sheer Petal Pink
  • PK343 - Opaque Baby Pink
  • PK344 - Soft Lavender Pink
  • PK359 - Sheer Electric Pink
  • PK369 - Opaque Hot Pink

Gloss Unlimited - $22

  • PK310N - Clear Baby Pink
  • PK315N - Sheer Melon Pink
  • PK325N - Sheer Rosy Pink
  • PK333S - Pale Pink Sparkle
  • PK378S - Hot Pink Sparkle

These Pink Collection beauties are available now at, shu uemura boutiques and counters nationwide.