Prescriptives NEW Motor-Eyes Instant Action Mascara!

Add another new mascara to the crowd of movers and shakers.

Prescriptives and QVC premiered the  NEW Motor-Eyes Instant Action Mascara on Saturday, December 27 with over 6,600 of the beauties ordered. The Motor-Eyes Mascara, which is the first vibrating mascara sold through QVC, is available exclusively through QVC, that is until it hits Prescriptives counters on April 15th.

With just one turn of Motor-Eyes Mascara, you instantly turn up the volume, the color impact, the lift and curl. All this while turning down clumping, smudging, flaking and application time. The patented vibrating brush quickly coats and separates lashes and works in tune with the high-performance formula to instantly give lashes extreme what we all want: volume, lift and curl. 


Key Benefits & Technology:

  • · Volumizes
  • · Impacts with rich color
  • · Lifts, curls and separates
  • · Less application time for desired look due to vibrating brush
  • · Spike-resistant
  • · Non-clumping
  • · Non-flaking
  • · Non-smudging
  • · Long-wearing
  • · Ophthalmologist-tested
  • · The patented vibrating brush keeps mascara moving to quickly coat and separate lashes.· The Smooth Volume Complex with non-stick polymers allows the formula to roll onto lashes from the root for clump-free volume and length.
  • · The micro-ColorSpeed pigments are dispersed evenly with the vibration of the brush to wrap each lash in thick, rich, vibrant color.
  • · A special crystal-clear film former immediately seals in color and helps the mascara stay-put so the rich, lush look lasts all day without flaking or fading.
  • · The spiral motion of the brush vibrations, along with the light gel-polymer base, automatically lifts and curls lashes.
  • · Lash conditioners Pantethine and Panthenol coat lashes, keeping them soft and supple.

Motor-Eyes was my mascara du jour and let's just say it was very quick and easy to ooh la la lashes. I am really getting used to these vibrating mascaras, and I cannot see using anything else anymore. Really. They are that good! So far with this one, I have experienced no flaking or smudging - just super long and fairly thick lashes.

Motor-Eyes Instant Action Mascara will be on counter and online at on April 15th. It will only be available in black, and sell for $32.00.