How Have I Lived without Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion?

A few weeks back I mentioned how the award winning Urban Decay Primer Potion had a little overhaul and included a new, better wand. At that time, I also mentioned that I have never used UDPP. Silly me and HELLO - where have I been? Better yet, how have I lived without this product in my life this long?

Urban Decay Primer Potion is the must have eye shadow primer. It applies on the eyelid as a super soft and light liquid that dries almost instantly. Initially, it makes eyelids look better with a more even color with just a hint of pearl to it, almost looking instatnly more more alive. Next, it makes powder shadows adhere where you want them to, making the shadows feel super soft while overall being easier to apply. Lastly, it helps shadows look fresh with that just applied look, ALL DAY long -no creasing or smudging with no movement of eyeshadow or eyeliner at all.

If you have not tried this genie in a bottle yet, you need to. I have been using the Nude Eye Base, but it is also available in a newer Champagne shade, which I will be picking up as well. The potion is $17 for regular size or $22 for the XL version. Pick it up online at UrbanDecay, or Sephora stores.