Philosophy Pink Bubbly Shower Gel.

Pink Bubbly Shower Gel is one of the newer additions to Philosophy's famed 3-in-1 High Foaming Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath collection. I cannot even begin to explain how much it thrills me in the morning to use this almost effervescent shower gel. Only Philosophy could live up to the challenge of creating something that smells bubbly. Really - this tickles my nose when I breathe it in.

Also, as a reminder, if you purchase this bubbly beauty from QVC during the month of May, Philosophy will donate $5 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It definitely makes shopping for something I know you'll love even more worthwhile.

I just spied a Pink Bubbly Lip Shine and Exfoliating Shower Gel in this scent too. Guess what I will be ordering?