Re-Moisturize Hair with WEN.

If anything good could possibly come of my migraine last night, this would be it.

After the longest Saturday which started at 5:30 in the morning and didn't end until after 10:00 at night, an end of the day shower was much needed. Feeling that my hair was in dire need of extra moisturizing help, I applied a great Hair Mask after getting out of the shower. WEN by Chaz Dean Re-Moist Hydrating Mask was my product of choice, which I usually rinse out after about an hour.

After applying and combing the mask through my hair, a wicked migraine hit, so I was down for the night. Forgetting that I had a mask in my hair, I hit my pillow with the lights out for almost twelve hours of sleep. Frankly forgetting the mask was in is not so simple. It is a super thick almost butter consistency product. Anyway, once I finally dragged myself out of bed, headache free - thank God, I showered and simply rinsed the mask out of my hair.

Simply upon towel drying, I was already astonished at how different my hair felt.It felt longer, softer, more wet than usual. I let my hair air dry for about twenty minutes before blow-drying and styling, but once I did I wanted to scream in delight. Honestly, and I know I sing the praises of hair items a lot, but my hair has NEVER been as soft and silky as it is today. Never. It feels similar to my three year old nieces baby fine, only been cleansed with the gentlest of baby shampoo, never been treated or heated hair. Amazing. Beyond amazing, actually.

I don't know how long the super fine silkiness will last, but when it starts to revert, which it might not until I over abuse it again, I know an overnight treatment with this mask is all I need.

Seriously, I never thought anything good could come out of a migraine. If you saw and felt my hair, you would totally agree.