Mally Beauty Bronze Genius Self-Tanning Bronzing Powder.

I picked this up on QVC's It's a Beautiful Day 24 hour beauty broadcast last month, and it is becoming my go to bronzer for this spring season.

Mally Beauty's Bronze Genius is ingenious in the way that it not only gives you an instant bronze, but a slow self-tanned bronze is achieved simply by using this as a bronzer as well.

Mally describes it best:

I needed to create something a little easier for my crazy lifestyle. Introducing Bronze Genius Self Tanning Bronzing Powder! This is truly a state of the art amazing product to gradually give you a warm “tan” just by applying this powder bronzer! Just apply it as you would your typical powder bronzer, but the difference is that you are actually being self tanned in the process!

Really, this works. I am noticing more and more of a glow on my cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead when not wearing makeup, as that is where I am applying it and have been for the past few weeks, this bronzer is building my subtle self-tan. Slowly, but surely - and very natural.

Who knew that a powder could give you a self-tan? I need this in large form for my body!

Bronze genius is only available right now through QVC and Choose from Lighter or Deeper. I am actually using Deeper as you know I like to get my faux-glow on.