Could it be Supernatural? Hourglass Waterpoof Bronzer.

Seems I have bronzers on the mind. When looking for some long-wear makeup that would hold up under extreme conditions, I came upon this Waterproof Bronzer. Actually, Supernatural Waterproof Bronzer and it is from Hourglass Cosmetics. I don't think a name could be more appropriate.

I need to try this to see how it lasts. There is nothing worse than sweating and having my face become a mess in an instant as it runs down my cheek and streaking my bronzer along the way. It is not an easy fix, either.

An extended-wear, waterproof bronzer that withstands high humidity and extreme moisture.

This bronzer, like all of the Hourglass Cosmetics line, is free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes and fragrances. It leaves me wondering what is actually in it that makes a powder become so resistant to water and such.

You can bet I will be investigating and reporting back on this Supernatural beauty soon. Right now, it looks to be available in just one shade called Mirage, which is said to be a matte golden tan. Stay tuned and be sure to speak up if you have tried this yet.