My New Favorite Hairspray: Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper.

I don't know what it is about the weather this spring. It goes from cold, damp and rainy straight to hot and humid. There is no in between. It is just so not good for my hair. Whether I am defending my tresses against the dampness or humidity, I found a great finishing product to use on top of the styling anti-frizz beauties. In fact I am liking this so much that it has garnered my new "favorite" status.

What is this wonder you ask? Well as my title suggests, it is no other than Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper. In their words, it is a brushable humidity resistance strong-hold hairspray. In my words, it is amazing.

This finishing spray (which can be used on wet or damp hair for styling purposes as well) holds my hair through wind, rain, heat and humidity. The hold is strong, but not stiff or crunchy. How we all hate crunchy hair! The real genius of this spray is that while the hold is strong, it can be brushed out with ease, making restyling a breeze. My style lasts all day when using, and those frizzies do not pop up (or out!) and my hair is not weighed down by the spray nor the elements.

A can of Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper can be found at your favorite salon for about $14.99. It is a great deal and a great spray that you will want to add into your hair care routine.