The Best Self Tanners.

Self tanning season is here. As May is skin cancer awareness month and everyone is preaching to wear daily sun protection (which is so important) I am here to tell you about the alternatives. You know, the way to get the look of the sun - but from a bottle. From a light shade of color so you do not look "pasty" white to a deep, dark bronze tan looking like you just came back from a week in the Caribbean - self tanners have come a long way. They can give you the shade of color you crave. Finding which ones work and which ones work best is where I come in.

Over the years I have tested and tried various types of self tanners in various forms; sprays, lotions, mousses, creams, mists and my latest discovery, tanning towels. Over the next few weeks I will be bringing you all the details on the best self tanners in all of these categories, along with simply some of my all-time favorites.

Stay tuned and stay out of the sun - or at least protect yourself from it, but look like you didn't with my handy "Best Self Tanners" guide.