Lisa Hoffman Skincare Vitamin A & C Serum.

I like to change it up to lighter formulas in the warmer weather. Instead of using creams, I use lotions. Instead of using thick heavy serums, I opt for serums that continue to work well, while feeling lighter on my skin.

My favorite warm weather serum is this one from Lisa Hoffman Skincare. It is her Vitamin A & C Serum.

This heavy duty serum is actually a water free formula that delivers effective doses of Vitamins A and C to the skin to provide anti-oxidant protection to maintain skin tone and provide firming action. It feels very light, my main requirement for summertime wear, as it absorbs quickly into my skin. There is no after-feel when using this at all. I simply feel perfectly smooth skin, ready for my moisturizer.

I was lucky enough to try this Serum out last summer when it quickly became part of my regular routine. Imagine how thrilled I was to get another one in this quarters edition of Beautyfix. The size that comes in the kit is a Deluxe Travel Size, .5 oz - which is half of the full size, which is $95, to be exact. Trust me though, this is large enough to get you hooked while smoothing it on every night during the summer.

To learn more about Lisa Hoffman and her skincare line, be sure to visit her site. I am really looking forward to trying more from her now.