Crisp and Cool Bartlett Pear Candle by Slatkin & Co..

This soft green colored candle leaves the most beautiful glow as it fills my kitchen with the most fresh and crisp scent of pear. Bartlett pear. It is beyond refreshing as it screams "summer is here" with it's warm blend of juicy pear, tart green apples and peaches.

Slatkin & Co. is quickly becoming one of my favorite candle makers. As the popular Yankee Candle factory is practically in my backyard, I have always been partial to their scents. But the throw and spot-on scents from Slatkin are equally as intoxicating as I surround myself with them.

I love the simple, clean lines of the candle jar too. It compliments any decor from the kitchen to bath, bedroom or entrance way. I am thinking I need to take a look at some insect repelling scents and maybe burn a few on my patio too. For now though, I will continue to enjoy the Bartlett Pear in my kitchen.

The Slatkin & Co. line of candles and other home fragrances can be found at Bath & Body Works, both online and in store, though the selection of scents in some stores seem to be quite limited.