Check out my NEW Hairdo!

Check out my long, thick, lustrous waves...

What do you think?

My new hair is courtesy of Ken Paves and a Hairdo Clip-In Hair Extension. To be exact, I used the Hairdo from Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves - 22" L Relaxed Curl Extension in the color Ginger Blonde.

If I can attach a clip-in extension on my first try, simply by following the easy directions, you can too. I made sure my hair was curled to match the style of the extension before I clipped it in and the hair basically just fell into place.

After clipping the extension in, I ran my fingers through my hair and the extension to sort of "inter-twine" them for the most natural look. I then sprayed some Sebastian Halo Mist Shine Spray over my natural hair as the extensions were much shinier than my own. I even put a few pieces behind my ear as I thought seeing only my natural hair framing my face made the extensions look even more believable.

Compliments immediately came in from my daughter and then friends I met for lunch. Only one friend  thought I got extensions but everyone else was stunned. Especially when they all found out it was a clip-in and just how easy it was to clip it in and out.

I can't wait to play with it more! For $99, I know I will get a ton of use out of my new hair.

For all of the Ken Paves line of products including the Hairdo extensions, check out his new shopping site, ShopKenPaves.