Perfectly Bronzed Eyes for Every Color with Eyes By Design.

Eyes By Design specializes in eye color specific eye makeup, making for a customized, perfect look. Simply select your product and eye color and you are matched. Easy!

The latest addition to the Eyes By Design collection is for perfect summer bronzed shaded eyes with these new Sunkissed Palettes.

Using the classic principles of color theory, every shade is formulated to bring out the warmth and depth of your eyes. With a mix of both pearl and cream finishes, you get a luxurious and creamy feel that glides on and lasts all day. You can mix and match to your hearts content and know that the color choices you make will be spot on.

Choose from Blue, Brown, Green or Hazel palettes and get the perfect bronzed look you long for. I have been using Hazel and when I use them as instructed, it really makes my eye color pop.

Eyes By Design products are sold exclusively at HSN and, where you will find the Sunkissed Palettes for $17.95.