Shu Uemura’s Painting Gel Liner Collection.

Shu Uemura’s ultra-smooth, highly pigmented, long lasting gel eyeliners are just what this wanna-be makeup artist longs for. The new Painting Gel Liner Collection is a variety of artistically selected shades and textures, making it fun to mix and match colors for unlimited possibilities.


The colors are all beautiful. Nine shades range from the darkest shades we normally expect, plus some vivid accent colors, and some with glitter and full wattage shine.




The liners apply beautifully and glide on without tugging. You have about a minute or so to play with the liner once applies. After that, the line is there and there to stay, as my favorite part about these gel liners is just how resistant they are to sweat and tears. The formula does not allow for fading, flaking, chipping or smudging.


The Painting Gel Liner shade lineup:


  • Black
  • Night Blue
  • Brown
  • White - which I use to soften the darker or brighter colors for my own custom look
  • Vivid Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Gold
  • Silver

The Painting Gel Liners are available now on counters, Shu Uemura boutiques as well as online.