Avon Foot Works: Treats for the Feet!

Do your feet ever get cranky? You know, tired, sore, in need of some extra special attention? In between pedicures, just a few core products and a few minutes will have your feet feeling like new.

Avon Foot Works contains an array of targeted foot therapy products that will do just that. I have been depending on 3 of the new addition to this collection lately, and must admit that the feet treats are divine. They are each soothing, cooling and refreshing with natural green tea and mint.


Foot Works Green Tea & Mint Cooling Moisture Lotion - $4.99
This lotion moisturizes my feet with it's cool, minty formula. It is so perfect on these damp yet humid summer days.

Foot Works Green Tea & Mint Invigorating Spray - $4.99
I am addicted to this soothing spray that not only deodorizes and freshens up my feet, it provides an instant cooling sensation. I find myself spraying this whenever my feet need an instant pick-me-up throughout the day.

Foot Works Green Tea & Mint Exfoliating Scrub - $3.99
I use this when I need a bit more of a treat. The green tea extract helps to gently exfoliate skin, leaving my feet soft and smooth, while again refreshed.

Notice the affordable price on these beauties! Shop avon.com for these and the rest of the Foot Works collection.