Add Another Bronzer to my Must-Have List!

I guess I am not happy with owning just one (or TEN) perfect bronzers. Bronzers come in so many formulations of intensity, shimmer, sparkle - for so many different moods of makeup. It is no wonder that I have so many and continue to find more that I want. Here is another one I have on the TOP of my must-have list!

This bronzer is from Guerlain, one of the original perfect bronzer formulators. Meet Terracotta Summer Stones.

Could it not be more delicious? I loved the colored pearl beads for a similar yet different bronzer effect you could get with each application. There are four colored pearls in all, in three different sizes, so who knows which exactly your brush will pick up on any given moment.

The "Pearl" rundown:

  • Matte Chocolate - This pearl imparts a soft, even, luminous look
  • Iridescent Copper - This pearl imparts the perfect glow balance to the overall look, structuring it if you will
  • Intense Gold Mini - This smallest pearl adds in that must have gold any good bronzer is known for in just the right amount
  • Maxi Pearl - This one is the largest stone in a beautiful sandy gold tone to give off an overall soft glowing look

Must Have!!! You get it now, right? The $54 price tag for this beauty of a bronzer will not hold me back either. Check it out at Neiman Marcus where, again, it is on my list.