QVC Today's Special Value: Mally Beauty All Day Gorgeous 9-PC Collection.

Another Today's Special Value from QVC, and it is another beauty. This one is from Mally Beauty, and it is her All Day Gorgeous Lasting Beauty 9-pc Collection. This is item #A90052.

Almost as exciting, Mally is launching 3 brand new products for the very first time. Watch as Mally launches her brand new Evercolor Crystal Gloss, Evercolor Lip Color Stick and Waterproof Volumizing Mascara which are all exclusive to QVC until the end of September.

This collection from Mally is such a wearable set. Not only is it a great set for us Mally Beauty lovers, it is a great set for those who want to try out Mally Beauty for the first time.

Look at everything you get:

  • 24/7 Blush System in Sunrise (Light/Medium) or Glow (Tan/Deep)
  • Double-ended blush applicator
  • 24/7 Liner Powder in Topaz (smoky bronze)
  • 24/7 Liner Pencil in Topaz
  • Double-ended liner applicator
  • Waterproof Volumizing Mascara in Black
  • Evercolor Lasting Shadow Stick in Topaz
  • Evercolor Lip Color Stick (warm nude peach)
  • Evercolor Crystal Gloss (clear)
  • Cosmetics case

All you have to do is select your perfect shade palette, either Light/Medium or Tan/Deep. The TSV is $46.39 only on or by calling 800-345-1515.

Mally will be on a few times during the day with some of her other great beauties too. If you splurge, you need to let me know what you get. Be sure to check out the few things I have tried from Mally by reading here: Mally Beauty on Beautiful Makeup Search.

Here is Mally's schedule for the day: Friday, June 5th, at 12midnight, 3am, 6am – 9am, 9am – 10am, 12noon – 1pm, 3pm – 4pm, 5pm – 6pm, and 9pm- 10pm, EST.