All About the Eyes: Sampar Eye Rule.

I have had a long time rule in my beauty lifestyle - WEAR EYE CREAM. How cute is it that this beauty is called just that? Eye Rule. This is from Sampar, a luxurious brand from Paris that is getting much love state side these days.

Eye Rule is a very light weight emulsion that slowly comes out of this unique steel roller-ball applicator. As you apply, the eye area is instantly cooled and refreshed, while puffiness, dark circles and fine lines are diminished. It has become pretty addicting in my morning routine.

To use, I simply click the bottom of the tub (which releases a small amount of product into the applicator) and start rolling the ball under and to the outsides area around my eyes.

Take a look at the heavy duty ingredients to see what they do.

  • Adenisine - combats aging, boosts the cellular regeneration, and support the collagen production.
  • Peptide - stimulates cellular generation, decreases the depth and length of wrinkles.
  • Oat Extract - make skin immediately and visibly more firm, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.
  •  Red Rasberry Seed Oil - rich in vitamin E and carotenes which are strong antioxidant properties. Also, containing Omega 3, 6 and 9 Acid that regenerate and hydrate the skin in a lasting way.
  • Argan Oil - rich in essential fatty acid and tocopherols, known as a nourishing, regenerating and restructuring properties and hydration improvement.
  • Imperata Cylinderic Extract - maintains skin’s optimal skin tone through its long-lasting hydrating and anti-aging properties.
  • White Lupine and Alfafa extract - stimulates the microcirculation of the skin around the eye to effectively combat puffiness.
  • LMB extract - makes blood vessels stronger and more healthy, significantly decreasing under-eye circle.
  • Cornflower extract - anti-inflammatory and reduces puffiness.
  • Horse Chestnut Extract - anti-inflammatory and shrinks blood vessels to diminish under-eye circle.
  • Unban Advance Complex - boosts the skin’s natural defenses, soothes irritation and redness while improve the hydration and cell regeneration.