I'm Baaack!!!

I didn't mean to go missing last week. Sometimes life becomes very overwhelming and gets in the way of this one woman show at Beautiful Makeup Search. I don't think I have ever gone a week without staying in touch here, and I truly apologize for the lack of updates. I am back now, and have so much to catch up on.

I am working on gathering all of the fall makeup collection information. I know - fall collections? It has just started to feel like summer here in the Northeast, but trust me, you will love what is coming up. I also have a ton more eye products to tell you about, so my All About the Eyes feature will continue. It will become more of a regular thing, and not just a month-long spotlight, as I had originally planned. Look for 2 or 3 additional All About the Eyes post each week. There is so much I am loving and I can't wait to share them all with you. Really - I could right a new eye post each day throughout the rest fo the year for all of the beauties I have discovered.

As always, thank you for your continued support and now... let's get back to beauty!