KenzoKi Barefeet Fantasy.

With all of the unexpected running back and forth to unexpected places last week, my feet were due for some pretty heavy duty pampering. In search of a foot massage cream that "does it all", I reached for KenzoKi Barefeet Fantasy from Kenzo.

First all, you will notice the utterly divine fragrance from the lightly fragranced rice steam scent that is infused throughout this thick, whipped cream. It feels so smooth as I massage it over my feet and calves. It is doing wonders on my dry cracked heels too. I like to put it on over my heels and wrap them in saran wrap for about 20 minutes while I relax. Heaven.

Ingredients in this wonderful whipped creamy balm include Cupuacu Butter and Shea Butter which work together to repair, soothe, nourish and protect.

Your feet will say, "ahhh, thank you", when using. You can pick up this dream foot cream at or wherever Kenzo is sold, such as Sephora.