For the Lippie Lovers: MAC Euristocrats2.

As I made a quick trip through Nordstrom last night, I had to stop and do a double-take as I passed by the MAC counter. Ooh - my favorite Dazzleglasses were in a special little display. I had to investigate.

These new beauties, all seven of them were screaming my name, along with seven new lipsticks and four new lip pencils. Alas, this was the newest collection from MAC, just out yesterday. Take a look at Euristocrats2 to see why I am swooning.



While “a kiss on the hand can be quite Continental,” a modern girl does the kissing now, knowing she has the drop-dead drama of these hot new Dazzleglass shades.

Before I give you the rundown, I will say that I picked up two of the Dazzleglass Lip Gloss and one of the new Lipsticks. The first Dazzleglass I picked was Euro Beat, which is a beautiful coral shade with gold pearl. I also selected Roman Holiday, which is a deeper coral, more on the brown side, but with a pink pearl finish to it. The Lipstick I just had to have is Naked Paris. It is a pin/coral shade with an almost color-changing pearl to it. It looks different in each type of light, but each look is gorgeous. It looks really bright in the tube, but is absolutely beautiful on the lips.

Euristocrats2 lineup:

Date Night - Soft blue purple with pearl
Euro Beat - Peach coral with gold pearl
Internationalist - Yellow pink with blue pearl
Local Colour - Neutral yellow pink with gold pearl
Roman Holiday - Medium brown coral with pink pearl
Rue d’Rouge - Light red with pink pearl
Via Veneto - Light violet with blue pearl

Magenta - Vivid pinkish-purple
Cherry - Vivid bright bluish-red
Subculture - Underground pink
Whirl - Dirty rose

Lipstick - $14
Costa Chic - Frosty light coral
Naked Paris - Sheer pink brown with multi-dimensional pearl
Patisserie - Sheer creamy neutral pink
Milan Mode - Sheer deep pink with multi-dimensional pearl
London Life - Sheer deep berry with multi-dimensional pearl
Saint Germain - Clean pastel pink
- Sheer yellow red with multi-dimensional pearl

It is on counter like I said, but it's also available in MAC stores as well as online at