A Light, Refreshing Fragrance in Degree Body Mist.

As the day goes on, I sometimes feel that I need a little freshening up. I am not talking hair or makeup hair, I am talking scent. Now, you probably most all know by now that I am not a huge fan of perfume. A body mist or splash is more suited to me. These new Degree Body Mists are what I am talking about.

A few sprays during or at the end of the day is such a quick pick me up. A refresher, if you will.

Degree Body Mists come in three scents:

  • Sexy Intrigue – features notes of jasmine, rose & vanilla
  • Delicious Bliss – features notes of apple, peach, raspberry, hyacinth & magnolia
  • Classic Romance – features notes of rose, peony, citrus & bergamot

Each scent is equally suited for summer-time freshening, though I have a thing for Sexy Intrigue. It is not at all day as it sounds. It is a simple, fresh scent with a fresh splash of vanilla.

Degree Mists are available wherever Degree deodorant is sold, such as drugstores, mass retailers, etc. It is also one of the products in the summer edition of Beautyfix, which I thought was important to point out in the image as an official Beautyfix selection too.