All About the Eyes: A Few Treats from Talika.

The Parisian brand Talika is a major player in the specialty beauty care market. Their products are carried in prestigious high-end boutiques and department stores (Neiman Marcus) all over the world. Most known for their original product Lipocils, they have branched out into making more superb products. The products seem to concentrate on the eye area but they also have an array of skin care, body care, and hand and nail care products as well.

I have been using two of their products for the eye area and I am sold on not only the products I am using, but sold on the brand and cannot wait to try more from them.

The products I am using are the Eye Therapy Patches and Eye Dream. If you need some extra t.l.c. for your eyes, these are definitely the two beauties to start with.


The Eye Therapy Patches are perfect to use on the day of a special event as immediately after treating with the patches, the entire eye area is tightened, more firm and bright looking, with puffiness gone and fine lines and wrinkles barely visible. To refreshen after a long day, they are a soothing treat, especially when kept in the refrigerator for the extra cooling effect. Simply leave them on for 30 minutes and you will be amazed. Like I said, I will use these when I need to look extra special or fell I need some extra help around my eyes. Each pair of patches are good for 3 - 4 uses and come with a handy (and sleek) storage case for in between uses. The kit contains six pair, and using them a few times a week will get you a good three - four months of use. The Eye Therapy Patch kit retails for $62 and contains the 6 pair of patches with the case. A refill box is also available that has only the 6 pair of patches in it for $56.

Eye Dream is a treatment night-time cream that works with your bodies sleep system to work it's wonders. As we sleep, our entire body is in recovery mode and this cream helps take advantage of that with it's powerful ingredients. The cream itself comes in an airless pump wand to kept the product fresh for maximum shelf life. The wand has a unique end shape to it that helps in applying the cream directly on and around the orbital bone. After barely two weeks of use, my eyes are much more smooth and hydrated in the morning and give me that fresh from a good nights sleep look - though I usually haven't had one. Eye Dream retails for $55 for the wand.

Be sure to visit to find out more about these beauties as well as the rest of their line.