Teen Beauty: Hot at the Teen Choice Awards.

Hey, it's Caci. My Mom runs Beautiful Makeup Search and she is going to let me start writing a few teen related posts for her now and then. We both think today is a great time to start as they just taped the Teen Choice Awards and I need to talk about beauty. Who was hot... who was not. Unfortunately, it doesn't air until later tonight, but we can look through a few pictures now and dish a bit, can't we?

I think that Miranda Cosgrove looked adorable. I love the soft curls in her hair. Her makeup was natural and perfect for a girl her age.

Emily Osmet
looked beautiful. She really looks prettier than I ever saw her before. I love her hair pulled to one side and flipped back a bit. Her eyes are smoking hot. I can't wait until I can wear eye makeup like that. Her dress was really cute too.


Hayden Panettiere looked pretty in her pink dress. I liked her soft tan and pink lipstick to accent her look. Close-up, I think her eyebrows were too angular (is that a word?) and her eye liner and eyelashes were a bit over the top. Besides that, she still gets the hot vote from me.

Kim Kardashian - love her show - shocked with her new heavily highlighted blonder hair. It looks like her whole hair color is a bit lighter all over too. I wonder if it is for real this time or only temporary. It really looks beautiful on her. She never looks bad no matter what she does. But she really looks like a true California girl with her blonder hair.

Her darker hair is really growing on me. Ashley Tisdale always looks cute. I really like her smoky eye too and I like that it's done up a bit darker now that her hair is much darker.

Last, one of my favorite teen girls is Selena Gomez. She looked really pretty in this soft purple with really pretty lavender eye makeup. Her lip color looked like a really natural pink too. So pretty. She has such a cute face and it was nice to see her wear her hair curly then pulled back. Her dress might be a little over dressy for the Teen Choice Awards, but she still rocked it.

I will be back tomorrow with my "NOT" version of the girls that didn't look so hot.

Who was your "HOT" choice at the Teen Choice Awards?