Straighten, Curl and Style with the InStyler.

I have a problem with most flat irons. Besides the danger they evoke on my fragile, thin hair, my straightened hair stays that way for days. Even after washing. Weird - I know. But I like smoother-sleek styles now and then, and searched high and low for a solution. A solution easier than blow-drying it straight, then curling the ends. When I saw the infomercial for the InStyler, I just knew I had to give it a whirl.

You have seen the infomercial haven't you? If you have not, take a look at it on their website, I promise, it will have you amazed.

This beauty of an appliance is a rotating hot iron. It is truly innovative, as it is a multipurpose styling tool that delivers without extra blow-drying, faltiron-ing, curl iron-ing and managing multiple large round brushes to get that perfect hair style. You can straighten your hair without flattening it. It can curl it to create soft curls. It flips out ends, well it can flip them either in or out. And this baby gives you some awesome body and volume, straight from the roots of hair.

I simply use the InStyler by running it through my hair, allowing the first set of bristles to gently sort and separate the individual strands. Next, the rotating, heated cylinder gently slides over hair, smoothing it and polishing it while gently straightening. Finally, the second set of bristles finishes the hair leaving it shiny and smooth.

The Instyler is a tool you need in your hair care arsenal. I was pleasantly amazed. It retails for $119, but it is forever on sale with special offers and deals over on their website