Proactiv Pore Refining Peel.

I have my almost 18 year old son hooked on the Proactiv Skin Care System. He did not start using it though, until after trying these Pore Refining Peel Pads. This one product had him hooked and left him wanting more - the whole system.

The Proactiv Pore Refining Peel contains glycolic acid to help reduce the appearance of pore size, leaving skin clearer looking, smoother and overall more healthy.

Each single-use application removed dead skin build-up as it exfoliates and minimizes the appearance of small imperfections. It does a great job at healing smaller acne spots, post pimple and it alleviates the redness too.

A set of 15 Pore Refining Peel packettes is available at for $20 or by calling 800-950-4695.