Teen Beauty: My Secret to Staying Fabulously Fresh and Dry All Day!!!

Hey, it's Caci here with another edition of Teen Beauty on Beautiful Makeup Search.

With these dog days of summer and us in a heat-wave - FINALLY - I have a major SECRET to share with you. Well, you know how girls, especially in our teenage years, we get all sweaty and gross no matter how hard we try to stay dry? Yeah - I have tried so many tricks to making my deodorant to last all day and it NEVER works. Until now though.

I have found it, girls... the perfect deodorant. It is Secret Clinical Strength WATERPROOF Deodorant. I am a HUGE FAN of the Regular Secret Clinical Deodorant, but I apply it a few times in the day, especially in the summer after swimming and playing basketball out in the hot, hot humidity. Secret Waterproof has me dry ALL DAY. It stays on through all my daily summertime activities. It is a MUST HAVE for summer - and really, probably all through the year.

The trick to this Secret Waterproof Deodorant is to apply it at bedtime. I usually shower at night, and I apply the deodorant then. I re-apply it in the morning before I get dressed, and then I am good to go for the entire day. REALLY! I can practice some B-Ball outside in the morning, go about my day relaxing in the pool, and then even play a 40 minute game of Basketball at night and still be smelling sweet and stay DRY. I HATE underarm wetness. It bothers me, and let's face it... it is embarrassing!!!

So, my little secret is no secret anymore. I would shout it from the roof-tops if I could. I am soooo thankful to have found this deodorant and have it in my life. It made such a difference, especially when needing to feel confident. Don't forget to pick it up at the drugstore for the end of the summer and grab an extra for back-to-school. You know how nerve-wracking that can be. (Just two more weeks for me - but I am glad I will have Secret on my side.)

Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof Deodorant comes in a perfect All Day Fresh scent and is available at drugstores and shops like Target and Walmart for around $10.  You can learn more about Secret and how this deodorant works by visiting their site online here, but all you really need to know is that it works - right???