Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Collection.

If you have ever dealt the problem of large pores, you know how frustrating it is. Finding products to not only minimize and cover-up the appearance of large pores has been a chore, let alone finding products that actually clean out and shrink pore size that, ahem, actually work. If you are looking for something to work on all of the above, you need to check out the new Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Collection from Kiehl's now.

You might actually already be familiar with Kiehl's Rare Earth Facial Cleansing Mask, which has been a much-beloved product since its introduction in the early ‘70s. As Kiehl’s has a long tradition of listening to customers’ needs and seeking out efficacious new ingredients for our products, they are introducing a reformulated masque as well as a complete detoxifying, pore-minimizing skincare regimen that introduces a new fairly traded ingredient into the Kiehl’s family: Amazonian White Clay



This latest ingredient discovery, Amazonian White Clay has unique properties. Known to remove dirt, toxins, excess oil and dead cells that can clog skin and result in enlarged pores, this clay is sourced from Marajo Island, the largest island surrounded by fresh water in the world. This special clay is gathered at the mouth of the Amazon River at the beginning of the dry season, after months of being nourished by the leaves, fruits, and seeds swept down the river from the rainforest. The natural movement of the Amazon River ultimately forms the mineral rich sediment that is deposited at the Marajo Island. In fact, Marajo Island itself actually developed as a result of the movement of the clay over the last several thousand years.

The Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Collection

This daily cleanser is formulated specifically for normal to oily skin types to purify and thoroughly cleanse facial skin. Our non-stripping, mildly foaming formula contains Amazonian White Clay and finely crushed Diatomaceous Earth particles to gently remove surface debris, toxins, and oils which can enlarge the appearance of pores.

This dual-phase pore minimizing toner is formulated with ingredients sourced from the Marajo Island at the mouth of the Amazon River to help eliminate surface toxins from the skin. The absorbent powders of the Amazonian White Clay help to refine pores and control excess oil as it maintains the skin’s PH level. After application, skin appears matte, with re-balanced moisture levels.

This pore minimizing lotion is formulated specifically for normal to oil skin types to address the appearance of enlarged pores. Our oil free minimizing treatment contains Amazonian White Clay to help absorb excess sebum and refine the look of pores.

This deep-pore cleansing masque may be used for normal to oily skin types to help eliminate debris and dead surface skin-cell accumulation that can clog pores and leave skin dull-looking.

My 14 year old daughter who has some larger pores on her cheeks is going to put this new line-up to the test. Stay tuned for the results.

You can purchase these new beauties right now at Kiehl's stores as well as through their website right now.