Why Fashion Week is Important for Beauty.

As Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week is here, I thought it was a good time to address the numerous questions I get about Fashion Week and it's importance to beauty.


You see, as the fashions for next season come down the runway, the makeup looks are tailored to the overall theme or inspiration for the line. Makeup artists test out products that are already in development and mix up new colors, sometimes on the spot, that just might be made for the following season. For instance, a creamy eye look might be achieved with the perfect color lipstick for the runway. If it works, a creamy eyeshadow in a similar shade could evolve out if it.

Overall looks are important too. It is fun to notice if shades are bright, neutral, matte or fresh. Will the smoky eye still be hot next season? How about the cheeks? Will they be rosey or bronzed? There is a lot to take in and it is so fun to watch it all come to fruition when the next season of products come alive.

It is not only the makeup I watch. I look at the hair and nail trends too.

I hope you understand a bit more about fashion week as it is a great overall indicator of what will be coming down the pike in beauty. I love getting a jump on seasonal looks. You will too when you follow along.

Michael Buckner 2009 Getty Images

I am heading to the big city of New York in the morning and will start to report on all the important trends I see at New York Fashion Week. Stay tuned. It is always a fun time.