Chatting with CoverGirl Makeup Artist Jake Bailey.

I had the privilege of chatting up CoverGirl Makeup Artist Jake Bailey on Tuesday at the CVS Reinventing Beauty Lounge. I picked his brain for a few minutes about his favorite CoverGirl products and even asked for a few personal product picks.

Jake told me that his favorite products right now are the Simply Ageless Foundation and newer Scultping Blush. There is a large range of shades for the foundation, while at this time, there are only four of the blush. He hopes (and so do I!) that they launch some new shades soon. Jake applied this creamy blush to my cheeks with a small but fluffy blush brush. He swirled the brush around in the compact and gently applied it to my cheeks, just as you would with a powder blush. The finished look was incredible. I have not been a fan of cream blushes in the past because I just cannot get the application right. With Jakes help and application tip, I will not be afraid any longer.

Another product Jake said is outstanding is the Outlast Lipstain. Afraid of stains myself, especially when drawn on, Jake showed me another way to apply the stain to my frightened lips. Jake took a lip brush and dabbed it on the tip of the stain, and applied it to my lips. The color was gorgeous and looked really natural. He used a lip gloss that is currently in development, but it is one of the most soft glosses I have used. My lip look lasted all day. Now, to wait for that new gloss that probably will not be out until the beginning of the year.

I am pretty much obsessed with the Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush now, especially after he wowed me with his application technique. I plan to scope out my local CVS to see which shade he used on me. I am pretty sure it was Plush Peach, but I won't know until I get there in person. I do know that he used Bit of Blossom on me, and I actually have that one, but know I will be adding it in more to my steady stream of lippies.

Realizing how affordable beauty products are right now, are really exciting me. Especially as Maybelline was the lead makeup sponsor at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, I have learned that beauty is definitely attainable. When matched properly, applied and blended at home (but like a pro), no one will know if you spent $6.50 or $65.00 on your foundation.