Add Some Sumptuous Color to Your Lashes.

Think colored mascara is a thing of the past? Nah. It is here, and it is done right by Estee Lauder, of course. Introducing Estee Lauder Sumptuous Color Bold Volume Lifting Mascara.

This mascara comes in 5 glorious jewel-toned, eye popping shades. Not only does the mascara feature brilliant colors, the formula itself promises bold, weightless volume, look at me now lashes.

Now, you could use any shade you wish, but in order to bring out your eye color and make your eyes as noticeable as possible, select a shade meant to "pop" the eye color.

  • Green or Hazel eyes: Amethyst or Garnet
  • Brown eyes: Amber
  • Blue eyes:  Emerald
  • All eyes: Sapphire for a dramatic look

As I feel color gets lost on my natural lashes, I use a black mascara first, then top off my lashes with one of these bold and beautiful colors.

This limited edition Sumptuous Color Bold Lifting Mascara is on counter at Estee Lauder and available on their site online now, for $19.50 each.