Makeup Application & Skin Care Consultations at the L'Oreal Paris Color Space.

This has been such a fun experience with L'Oreal Paris in their Color Space. It has really been a success - 30,000 people walked through the space over this past Sunday alone.Hopefully, the Color Space will be coming to your area of the country too. If you hear about it coming to your neck of the woods, it is a must-attend event. Like I said, who doesn't want a few minutes off their feet getting some much deserved pampering after walking around a fair all day?

I am very impressed with the L'Oreal Paris Makeup Artists and Estheticians. They are very brand knowledgeable, and can spot on identify skin care concerns. I have learned so much about the differnt lines of both skin care and makeup from L'Oreal Paris, and will explain more in detail really soon.

Take a look at some of these L'Oreal Paris beauties in action: