Reporting from the L'Oreal Paris Color Space at The Big E.

Today I will be reporting live from the L'Oreal Paris Color Space at the Big E.

The Big E is held in my home state of Massachusetts. It has been a yearly tradition as far as I can remember. New England's Autumn Tradition is the largest fair in the northeast. With top name entertainment, New England history, agriculture and some of the best exhibitors around, it is a must-attend event in the lives of us New Englander's.

I was so excited to hear that L'Oreal Paris was one of the exhibitors in this years fair. Calling it an exhibitor might be an understatement, as it is said to be 5,000 square feet of L'Oreal Paris beauty goodness.

I will be heading to the Big E shortly and will be reporting live from the Color Space, as I said. I will let you know what is going on inside the Color Space, what you will want to check out if your attend the Color Space at the Big E or at the many other larger fairs around the country where the Color Space will exhibit, and bring you the information on the latest and greatest that L'Oreal has to offer.

I cannot wait to visit L'Oreal's Paris Color Space and bring you my first-hand experience. Stay tuned!