My Obsession with Volcanic Ash is Back, Thanks to MAC.

Last summer, us MAC beauty lovers became obsessed with a giant black tub of MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. I lathered on this thick, black pasty scrub and fell for it, in a big way. As my skin was left so pure and clean, refreshed and generally feeling amazing after using it, it quickly became a part of my regular routine. Until, that is, it was gone.

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator was a limited edition product, part of the Future Earth collection. MAC took notice of it's devotees who wanted it back, and it has re-launched in today's newest MAC collection, Style Black.

I am happy to report that the exfoliator is re-packed, in a much more user friendly squeeze tube, and I have starting using this foaming and exfoliating already.

In addition to the the Exfoliator, there is also a new Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask. This is a self-heating mask, as when water is mixed in, the mask gets very warm, as it deeply cleanses the skin. It does a great job at cleaning without removing oils from the skin making it dry, like most deep cleansers. This mask leaves my skin soft and pure.

Both Volcanic Ash products, the Exfoliator and Thermal Mask are available now, wherever MAC is sold, as well as online, for $19.50 each. Stock up now, as you will not want to run out. I certainly do not want to run out again.

Stay tuned for a complete rundown of the entire MAC Style Black collection.