A Fresh & Flawless Face with Tarte.

My sister called me in a panic last weekend. "I am out of foundation". Well, she knew who to call. She soon came over to go through a few of my makeup drawers, in which one is full of foundation. She wanted a liquid foundation as she felt her skin was becoming overly dry with her normal summertime mineral powders. So, liquid it was.

Finding the perfect finish and the perfect shade when I am sent varying shades of color, is not as easy as it sounds. First, we needed to find a suitable shade. We did the trick of going to a large window with lot's of natural light and swatch many foundations on her jaw line. A few of the shades disappeared into her skin, and that is how I know we hit pay dirt in the shade area. Now, we needed to remove all of the swatches and we started applying two foundations at a time, one to the left side and one to the right side of her face. We only had four foundations, so it did not take that long. One foundation stood out in a big way, and when we decided on it and applied it to her entier face, we were both in awe.

What was this foundation? The one giving off the most beautiful, semi-matte yet luminous finish? Making Cindi's face appear ten years younger than it is?

The foundation wonder is none other than Tarte's ReCreate™ Anti-Aging Foundation With Wrinkle Rewind™ Technology. Containing a bevy of anti-aging ingredients and an SPF of 15, made Cindi want this foundation even more.

Figuring she needed to complete her look, I dug out The Eraser Concealer from Tarte, in Porcelain, the lightest shade, and applied it under her eyes, but over the foundation. The final look was flawless.

Cindi now needed to know what else I had from Tarte, and I told her to not even look at the gorgeous new eyeshadow palette I had, but passed her onto their new Lifted Natural Eye Primer with Firmitol. This was a must-have in my fashion week "kit", but I was kind enough to let her in on it's wondrous ways. This primer not only keeps shadows in place all day, but it fills in the fine lines around the eyes and literally tightens up the entire eye area. You can actually feel the tightening effect.

Fresh and Flawless it was, and all from Tarte. It made my day to see my sister so happy, and really, with not much effort. Shop for Tarte online at Tarte Cosmetics or in store at Sephora.