3 Power Peels to Smooth & Brighten Skin.


As summer comes to a close, you may notice that your skin is dull, lackluster or has taken on some sun damage. Now is the perfect time to smooth and brighten the skin by using resurfacing skin peels on a regular basis. Using skin peels on a regular basis is an excellent way to not only smooth and brighten the skin's appearance, but it will also help to reverse sun damage, get rid of dead skin cells, plump up collagen and turn over the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Overall, using resurfacing skin peels on a regular basis will make skin look more smooth, bright and youthful. 

 3 Power Peels to Smooth & Brighten Skin

I perform resurfacing skin peels two to three times a week, but my skin is used to them. When first starting to use at home resurfacing skin peels, start by performing them once a week until well tolerated, then move to twice a week, then three times per week if you are not experiencing any sensitivity. There is no need to perform a resurfacing skin peel any more than three times per week. 

  Power Peels to Smooth & Brighten Skin Fast

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