3 Steps to Smooth Skin with Dr. Denese.

Whenever I hear Dr. Denese present on QVC, I am drawn in. Whether it is her soft spoken demeanor, her Hungarian accent or simply her vast knowledge of skin care, I am all ears. I recently tried some of her products that I am using every night. My night time routine requires 3 products and 3 easy steps for soft, smooth skin.

Step one: Advanced Firming Facial Pads

Dr. Denese's most sought after product, this is a glycolic peel in a pad. Formulated with peptides, glycolic acid, alpha lipoic acid plus a proprietary Actizone Firming Factor™, skin is radiant, more firm and even toned. Each pad delivers the perfect dose of exfoliation. Over time, it dramatically reduces the look of lines, wrinkles and it drastically shrinks the look of pores. When first staring out, it is important to take caution and only use this twice a week and slowly build up to daily use.
60 count - $35.00

Step two: HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum

This serum hydrates skin and locks that hydration in so skin is plumped immediately. Fine lines and wrinkles seem to disappear as hydration levels increase. HydroShield is based on Dr. Denese's unique and proprietary HydroShield® technology, which was founded after years of medical research. It is formulated with skin identical lipids, ceramides, soy, vitamin E, retinol, linoleic acids, EFA, and glycolipids. I love how my skin feels right after I apply this.
1 oz. - $65.00

Step three: Triple Strength Wrinkle Smoother Advanced Treatment

This super strength moisturizer is the ultimate night time moisturizer. Loaded with three times the amount of peptides to give skin the ultimate result of smooth skin. It is a very thick cream that instantly absorbs into skin and makes it appear smoother than before. It is the perfect final step before bed.
1.7 oz. - $45.00

All Dr. Denese products are available online at drdenese.com as well as on QVC.