5 Reasons to Love Root Touch-Up from Nice 'n Easy.

Clairol Nice 'n Easy Root Touch-Up, the first root maintenance coloring product to hit the market has just reached some pretty significant milestones. Not only is Root Touch-Up celebrating it's 5th Anniversary, it has sold more than 25 million boxes to date, and has won 12 prestigious beauty awards. They have even partnered with Shutterfly.com to create the first root touch-up photo editing tool.

Clairol's new color director, Marie Robinson, give us her 5 reasons to love Root Touch-Up from Nice 'n Easy too.

  1. Easy Application
    "With it's unique brush applicator, Root Touch-Up is very easy to apply and has enough product for other areas that might need some extra coverage, like around your temples."
  2. Shade Match
    "The shade match is so seamless that for even my celebrity clients, I can barely tell they have used the product."
  3. Time
    "This is a real timesaver! What other product makes you look and feel great in just 10 minutes?"
  4. Budget
    "You can't deny the cost savings with this little wonder. Some of my clients extend their hair color up to 3 weeks when they can't get back to the salon."
  5. Gray Coverage
    "I know it's not a fun topic, but you don't have to worry about Root Touch-Up. You get complete gray coverage just where you need it - your re-growth!"

I faithfully use Root Touch-Up in Medium Golden Blonde in between colorings. It makes my color stretch out to six weeks at least, and covers those pesky grays that are always creeping in around my hairline. The fact that I can pick it up at most mass merchandiser's for $6.99 makes me love it more.

Are you a Root Touch-Up user too? Why do you love it so much?